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What Is An Electric Wheelchair?

This article is about a electric wheelchairs, its advantages and main features

A wheelchair is fundamentally a chair that sits on wheels to facilitate moving or walking around. It comes in 2 types, manual or electric (motorized). An electric wheelchair is basically one that is driven by an electric motor coupled with a navigation control while a manual one is driven much by turning the rear wheels by the seated person using his or her hands or by another assistant behind. An electric wheelchair is also known as a power wheelchair.

What are the differences between an electric wheelchair and a manual wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is typical heavier than a manual one due to the frame that is supposed to hold all the batteries and the motors. It is loaded with motors and batteries in order to power it for mobility.

How many types are there?

Power wheelchairs typically come in 2 forms, one with belt drives and another with gear drives. Electric wheelchairs with belt drives operate at very minimum noise level but need regular maintenance. Those with gear drives typically require very minimum maintenance yet got wear out very quickly so need to be changed very frequently.

Simple electric ones come with standard batteries and joystick for the seated occupant to control the movements of the chair. More sophisticated ones now come with gyroscopic circuitry (controlled by micro-processors), that allow the person to lift the chair above normal level.

How are they being propelled? What are the different ways of propelling?

An electric wheelchair can be propelled using either front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or mid wheel drive. You should read more about what are the differences between the 3 so as to find the right model for someone whom will be using.

What are the different types of batteries that run on it?

3 types of batteries that are typically used are the wet batteries, gel batteries and agm batteries. Factors that you should consider when choosing the right batteries are pricing, frequency of maintenance, performance, weight, chances of over-charging, life span or durability, as well as environmental friendliness.

Do note that you may not necessarily get a new or replacement battery from a wheelchair supplier as you have the liberty to look for an electrical supplier too. It may cost cheaper this way.

Do not simply get an electrical wheelchair from any unlicensed or un-reputable supplier as you face the undesirable risks and dangers of poor-quality or non-lasting stuff that could potentially risk your life. Do some homework and study before you have decided to get one within your own budget.